Welcome! I keep this blog for photos I take myself, but occasionally I post news, stories, quotes, and videos that interest me or i think are important. Check out my archive FIRST because, personally, I think that's the best way to get a good preview of any blog.Also be sure to look at things I've liked, I follow ALOT of folks with super neat blogs that are NOT all bunnies and flowers.
no place like home ♡
her “i’m not ready for bedtime yet” look #chinchillin
#swatch maybe?
knit linen loop scarf
this damn puzzle #fuckingimpossible
#easterbunny #egghunt
my mom gets me 💕 #justwhatineed
it must be my lucky day, i spotted this little one in my backyard this morning 🍀
@illyblake_artiste  i want more!
one of those #selfiedays
#pepperann likes to smash her nose against the chinchilla cage, consequently, all her whiskers are nibbled really short.
new week, new mat! finally got my own ♡ ready to be yogi 😽
reminds me of sunset #snapdragon